Jigging Method

Jigging Method :


Jigging is a type of vertical terminal tackles in general meaning. It is applied by taking the boat to rangeland. Because the boat is at a standstill, jig is reached to the deep and when it reaches to the deep, turning on/off lever of machine is turned off to act like an escaping fish and pulling from the bottom very little, process continues. When drift of the boat is increased because of the factors like current, wind or some other reason, jig becomes horizontal so jig equipment is pulled up and hauled in a vertical position to continue fishing.

Jigging Method

Movement of jig in the water changes with the type of the jig because it is produced in various types. While some days one specific Jig type works, the other day different jig type may work. Besides every types of jigs have different colors. Colors in fishing is important. Preference of fish may be affected by depth, light, clearness of water, angle of refraction of the light, current, wind and food which can be found by fish in that season. For these reasons while using jigging method we should try each jig type periodically and find the proper one. Changing jig periodically is improves fishing efficiency.


While jigging, some of the essentials are one light and flexible pipe, one fast and light machine, one invisible and tough body, big amounts of jigs, struggle belt, fish locator, one balanced boat, relatively calm sea, energetic music, friends who have enthusiasm and talent for fishing, a captain who is also a fine guide, nice environment and most importantly luck. If you have all of these, it is highly possible that fishing will be efficient.

Jigging Method

Luck is the most important factor in fishing. Accepting that luck is the most important factor, because we cannot know if we are lucky or not on the fishing day we should search for our food with resolution and determination. Because of that it is not right to give up searching fish if there is no catch yet. Big fishing requires big patience and resolution. Every person with resolution can succeed big fishing. One would ask himself questions while trying with resolution and would improve his knowledge.

Jigging Method

Beginners in Jigging Method

Beginners in Jigging should first learn how to hold pipe and how to use the machine. Jig is easier for those who are a little bit more experienced. We slowly compress the pipe between our arm pit of the same arm that we hold the pipe. We softly hold pipe connection of machine by holding it between the index finger and the next finger of our hand which is holding the pipe. If we hold this part harsh, our hand would get a blister. To prevent blister is to hold it softly or use a glove. If we are going to jigging it is always useful to use gloves to prevent our hand from becoming hard. We hold winding pipe lever of the machine with our other hand and wind it.

Jigging Method

We haul the jig and wait for it to reach bottom. When jig reaches the bottom we immediately turn the machine off, pull the pipe with unsteady moves and while releasing it again we wind the machine and arrange the space of rope. At this stage, it is good to release the pipe slowly in order to prevent it to roll by its own. We continue to this unsteady winding moves until we pull the jig a little from the bottom. For example, if we are jigging at 80 m depth, we raise the jig about 10 -20 m with unsteady moves. Then we turn on the machine lever and let the jig fall to the bottom. When it reaches to bottom, we turn the machine lever on and let it free fall till the bottom. When it reaches to bottom we immediately turn the machine lever off and slowly pull it up. Jigging continues just like that until a fish hooked or the rod becomes horizontal. In both situations rod is pulled up.

Jigging Method

Beginners at jigging get tired quickly in their first tries. Because of this to share the hook with some other person allows you to rest and have better performance. Fisherman, who returns with better condition and coordination after resting, starts enjoying the work after a while. And if there is a catch this joy turns to victory. After returning from the fishing, first thing he will do would be collecting his own jig equipment immediately.


Fishing with Jigging Method

When fish bite the bait while jig is pulled up with unsteady moves, rod becomes very heavy that you may think it stack to a rock. Right after with the fish pressing, scope of cable starts to ease. At first, there is no other solution than to let the fish leave. This is essential for fish to spend its first energy which fish has its maximum power. If there is any possibility of fish to hit the rock, it will be enough to remove the boat from rocky area instantly and tighten the cable scope a little bit. First five or ten minutes to let the fish press would tire it, then active scope of cable can be used.

Sometimes fish can swim through the rod senselessly. At this moments, without tighten cable of scope, pull the rod as much as you can. The moment you realize that fish is stretching the road to press, by lowering the point of the pipe to sea, stave off the first move of the fish, by letting the fish to take from scope of cable easily, make it tired. Every time that fish tries to press wildly, use this method. Thus you would prevent fish line to break off and you would not let fish to be ruptured. Pulling the fish continues with tides. Every minute passed during struggling the fish is in favor of us. Every minute passed it got tired a little bit more.

Jigging Method

When you bring the fish near boat, do not rush at all. First, try to see where the hook might be fastened, if it is not in somewhere steady, you need to find a solution to take the fish inside the boat. In fact it is best to think these possibilities before and to be prepared. When using scope in fishing, the moment you will take the fish, douse the scope into water and hold it still and while pulling the fish out, let it bring the fish inside the scope. Do not try scooping the fish. If scope hits the fish during this time, fish would press with its last strength. Move as fast as you can. Do not try to pull the fish out with scoop. While pulling the fish with hand or metal holder, hold the scope under in case fish falls, and move with fish.

Best thing in big fishing is to use gaff. If you don’t have scope or gaff try to take it with your hand. While it is easy to take fish with hand from the boats of which bulwark is close to sea, it is hard to do it if its bulwark is high . Best method on boats with high bulwark is to take the fish with gaff. One should be careful about not to try pulling the fish out of the water with rod and hold the fish line stretched. While fish is hitting with its head, we reach our arm to the direction where the pressure comes from, if it is necessary we should ease off by relaxing our hand. Fish in short distance always advantageous. If it shows any resistance, it can break off the fish line and get away by tearing itself. Only way to deal with these problems is to tire the fish while pulling it. Tired fish is easier to take into the boat.


Main features of the pipe and machine that is used at Jigging Method:

Pipe that you will use in jigging should be light, steady and flexible, and stem should be monolith sponge. A part of the pipe stem, if it is empty, can harm arm pit. Tall people should own long pipe stem not to harm their arm pit. Elasticity of the pipe would help jigging rhythm to be better. Elasticity would make you less tired. Pipes which are not elastic would tire you more. If machine anchorage nuts fasten metal and the machine from above, pipe would be more durable. Plastic nuts become fragile depending upon the time passed and effects of the sun. Also impact resistance of plastic nuts decreases as the time pass.

Jigging Method

Machine you will use in jigging should be light, fast, high spin speeded and steady. Essential of jigging method is jig machine. Spend the most of your budget for jigging to jig machine. The machine will make fishing jolly. You can increase your success and fishing joy by using the machine with several kinds of pipe. For those who want to fish in deep water and bigger fishing, winder type jig machines are more suitable. Those machines are cheaper than classics. While winder type jig machines are cheap, they are also provide better technical features. For tight budgets, this might be more efficient. It is also better for right arm choice. Generally, missing of a fish line guide is disadvantage for beginners. When you get used to it, it becomes an advantage.

Hook use in Jigging Method:

Jig hook should be more wide mouthed than its width. 7, 8, 9, 10 numbered hooks are ideal. When big and thick hooks are attached to fish, it will save the fish because its firm hold which prevents fish to be torn. Jigging method also gives you the opportunity to use lots of hooks.

Doable things in case of a bottom fastenings in Jigging Method:

You can save the jig which is fasten into rocks at the bottom by coming to the above of the fastened place, hold the rope and shake it slowly. If it is not rescued even with your effort, you can save it by sending a little bit heavy metal circle on the rope. If it still not rescued, only option you have is to try to save it by pulling. While pulling the rope, wear gloves, tuck the towel into two or three and make a roll, wrap the towel with rope and care that rope is not scraping. Because rope is too stretched, if it scrape anywhere, it would burn and split. You can save the jig if rope doesn’t scrape anywhere. If you cannot save it, body fish line would split. At least you can save the rope. Better lose the saddle than the horse.


Big Fishing Video: https://youtu.be/Sx3lDhZ35vU

Jigging Method

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