The Methods of Fishing Tour :

 What are we doing when we go fishing?

We have two tour destinations which are Sulu Island and Pırasalı Island. We first decide which direction we will head. Weather conditions, direction and force of wind, wave and fish condition and our preference are the ones which shape our decision. After deciding, we put terminal tackles for bonito to our fish hooks and we release it into the water. We haul terminal tackles for bonito to Sulu Island or Pırasalı Island which we chose as a rangeland. If we have enough feeder bonito, we pack terminal tackles and pass to the bottom fishing tackles in which we will use bonito as a bait. bottom fishing tackle. We haul bottom fishing tackles with our fishing hooks. In order that we haul bottom fishing tackles between the range of 20 m – 60 m, we haul it slower compared to bonito tackle.

With bottom fishing tackles, local ganoid fishes like garfish, cuttlefish, squid, grey mullet, sea bass, saddled seabream are also can be used as bait.


Generally leerfish bite the bait from the bottom fishing tackle since it is a big fish. Apart from leerfish, common dentex, white grouper, dusky grouper, common seabream, pink dentex, wahoo fish, dolphinfish, barracuda, puffer fish can also come for the bait. If bottom fishing tackle or rapala around 20 cm is hauled with proper fishing hooks at the offshore (15 – 20 miles from the shore), tuna or sword fish can also come.

When feeder fish are insufficient we have another two applications. First, bottom rapala and bottom tackle and second is Jigging.

We haul bottom rapala and bottom tackle between the range of 10 m – 30 m. When we get close to outer Adrasan Cove we release the hooks to the water. We haul bottom rapala and bottom tackle slowly. With this method we usually fish common dentex, white grouper, barracuda, dolphinfish and wahoo fish.


There are so many places for jigging. On the way of jigging we check for bonito. When we reach rangeland, we start jigging. In case of not catching any fish, we change place and go on fishing. Jigging method is regarded hard work especially by beginners. Because of this, sharing the hook by two people allows the tired one to rest. Sometimes, people on tour bring coral tackle, lead sinker and baits to try coral fishing when they are tired from jigging. Thus fishing continues for both people. Usually the one who takes a break on jigging shows better performance as compared with before. After a while Jig is become no longer tiresome. When a person learned jigging method he/she does not feel tired. For the ones who likes sports, Jig is a pleasant method.

Besides it is not possible to haul hook between 80 m – 160 m with bottom method with bait and bottom method with bottom rapala. But it is possible to reach that deep with Jig.

Jig is very popular fishing method in Turkey recently. Lots of people who are not fishing anymore started fishing again with Jigging method. In areas thought to be fished-out, big game fishing has been revived.

The Methods of Fishing Tour


The Methods of Fishing Tour

Are fishing tours held every time of the year?

We are going fishing every month of the year when weather and sea conditions are permitting. Customers need to inquire by SMS regarding which date they would like to join. For reservation we absolutely require SMS from GSM. We cannot confirm a reservation before we receive SMS. We text confirmation SMS when we make your reservation. The principal of our message demand is “spoken words fly away, written words remain”.

Especially in winter, we evaluate weather condition and contact you by phone close to your reservation date. If the conditions are suitable we will reconfirm your reservation at this time. If they are not we will suggest you not to proceed the tour. In summer season there is usually not so much need for confirming. Still it is useful to contact by phone when tour date is close.

How many people can join the tour at the most?

Our boat is for 4 people including the captain. So you can join to tour three people at the most.

Are there life jacket, buoy on the boat?

There are 4 life jackets, 1 life buoy, fire extinguisher and first aid kit on the boat.

How are season times and tour schedule?

In winter season (between November – April) we only take Full Day tours. (time: 07.00-16.30) (November 2011 – April 2012)

In summer season (May – October)

Morning Tour – (Time: 06.30 – 11.00) (May – October)

Evening Tour – (Time: 15.30 – 19.00) (May – October)

What should we do on the tour date?

With the phone contact a couple days previously, we sail after we meet at Adrasan coast, left part of the beach where the boat is anchored.

Before sailing we require 200 g Jig and 9-11 cm bottom rapala (with long metal billed). We provide Jig and Trolling machine, rod and sinkers. If you have those equipments and you would like to use them you can bring them with you. Also we recommend you to bring your personal needs, food and drink, hat and sun protection with you.

The Methods of Fishing Tour


What happens to fish we caught?

They are cooked and eaten together in Adrasan if you are staying there, or any other place if you are not staying in Adrasan.§

If you want to send the fish to your kith and kin, you can share your happiness with them

Jigging Method

Fishing Method Video

The Methods of Fishing Tour

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